What is business transformation?

Transformation is a change management strategy that rethinks how your company creates value today and in the future. In a world of turmoil and disruption typical of the digital economy, transformation revolves around creating new value to unlock new market opportunities, drive further growth and deliver new efficiencies.

The business stage or cycle also determines specific transformation needs. There are relatively characteristic and well-studied problem structures in these cycles that allow them to be adequately anticipated or better understood when they arise. Solving the correct problems will enable you to meet the challenges of growth and adaptability effectively.

We lead business transformation processes.

Business transformation is a staged path to sustainable value creation, with different organizations at different starting points.

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Consulting solutions.

The speed and radical nature of the changes in the digital economy force entrepreneurs, executives and professionals alike to get out of the box and drive agile reinventions of business, technological, operational and cultural models. This entails making strategic decisions that affect your growth, how your organization works, and what kinds of performance improvements you can expect.

At Imppulsor, through a consulting solution, we conceptualize articulate and direct management tools and change processes based on your strategic and operational challenges, as well as your human, operational and financial capacities. In this way, we support you in your transformational challenge with a complete and viable change path that does not overwhelm your resources, manages the resistance, and does not put the continuity of your operation at risk.

Protect assets.

Secure the present, act on the decline in income and profits, manage divestments and reallocate assets, restructure your operation.

Adapt the business.

Improve performance, innovate on the offering, develop markets, achieve efficiencies in your value chain, develop operational excellence and focus on the customer.

Develop the business.

Radically innovate your business model, develop businesses and markets, improve your corporate governance, and evaluate mergers and acquisitions.

We adapt solutions to your business stage.

We articulate creative approaches, management resources, talent development and change management so that your business achieves operational excellence.

Consulting products.

Our competency matrix covers 11 core management areas from which value is created, delivered and captured. Our scope covers everything from innovation to the business model, customer experience, commercial productivity, business architecture and knowledge management, among others.

For each area, we have consulting products through which we seek to help our clients consolidate a competitive, modular and adaptive operation, which allows them to relate to change and eradicate areas of business pain effectively.

The difference between a solution and a consulting product lies in the degree of adaptation of the deployed devices and the scope and depth of the deployed consulting process. Productization of these 11 management areas is organized into three work cores or verticals: planning, organization and execution. From each vertical hang a series of standard business management tools.

Solve the correct problem.

We design diagnoses that allow you to visualize the degree of development of your company or a specific unit, its areas of pain and its root causes.

Conceptualize feasible solutions.

We provide management resources to increase your productivity, increase the efficiency and effectiveness of processes or the successful coupling of technologies.

Transfer to the task.

We develop talents and train agents of change to ensure alignment and the practical application of your management and operation resources.

Collaborate in our consulting projects.

We configure work teams based on the skills and knowledge required by each consulting project. If you are a senior or junior professional in administration, engineering, ICT, data science or OD, we invite you to enter our job portal and register your resume.

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